Tips for Selling Clothes Online

marketing to selling the clothes

Selling clothes online is such an easy way to make extra cash online. There are many platforms which accept used clothes and will pay you handsomely if your clothes meet their standards. There are two types of online stores where you can sell clothes. There are those that handle everything from marketing to selling the clothes on your behalf. However, these sites get their cut once the clothes sell.  The other type is one that let you sell directly to your customers. While each of these platforms has their pros and drawbacks, it pays off to have at hand few tips to selling clothes online.

Know Your Market Place

There is an overwhelming number of websites where you can sell your clothing. From Craigslist to TheRealReal, all these are the best places to sell clothes. However, each store caters for a slightly different market. There are those that specialize in luxury for example, while other take certain brands. Therefore know precisely what you want.

Freshen up your clothes

Stained and wrinkled garments do not sell well online or anywhere. Therefore, before you take photos of your merchandise to ensure you wash them or better still dry-clean the clothes. Polish hardware on the shoes or handbag or buff away scuff marks. Also, it is good to be package your clothes well. Fold them neatly as well packaged items sell much better.

Take high-quality photos

Ensure you take high-quality pictures like these to make your items to stand out from the rest. However, one doesn’t need to have a photo studio to have their merchandise sell more. Only turn up the lights and to ensure the images are well lit.

Lay a piece of clothing on a flat and plain surface; they point some few lamps at various angles. The lighting gets rid of any shadows or dullness. In case you don’t have a plain surface, then a solid colored blanket or bedspread also works well. There are certain sites such as ThredUP who usually take photos of your merchandise, write their product description on your behalf. They only require you to send in the product. The products also handle the pricing; therefore, you have a little or no say about the worth of your clothes.


There are more tips such as writing an honest product description, choosing the appropriate price for your clothes and much more. Always research wide to and learn about more handy tips that will ensure you sell clothes more or quickly online.

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