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♥ Nakano, T; Utama A; Mitsuyoshi I; Shiomi A; Imai M November 28 — December 2, 1995. We will create a virtual email using that string for you to register. Tron is headed to revolutionize the social media with its decentralization technology. TRX is also not an exception for this case. In the drop down boxes select 'TRX' and then the currency you deposited to Cex. Just keep in mind that the script could make your situation worse, so back up the system first, and read the instructions in full before you start. Just remember to run them as Administrator if you go this route. 001 BTC":"Balances valued less than 0. Defrag The development team recommends that users prepare the system before they run Tron if possible. However, this is set to change with the advent of the 2nd phase. Malware can often hide out here• ","exchange-creditcard-newBottomClause3":"Why should you buy bitcoin or get yourself some cryptocurrency? Here is an overview of the stages of the application: Stage 0: Prep Checks out the environment in which Tron will be running, performs a few very basic housekeeping tasks to help Tron run smoothly, and gives you a possible path to resurrection should Something Bad happen. Use the -pmb switch to skip this and leave it on the system STAGE 8: Custom Scripts stage-specific code is in• ","exchange-changeEmailAddress-EnterNewEmailAdress":"Enter New Email Address","exchange-changeEmailAddress-IUnderstand":"I understood","exchange-changeEmailAddress-LostEmailAdress":"Lost Previous Email Address","exchange-changeEmailAddress-LostEmailAdressDescription":"If you lost your previous email address, you will need to complete Identity verification before proceeding to the next step. ","exchange-2fa-enableGoogleAuth":"Enabled Google authenticator","exchange-2fa-goBack":"Go back to enable 2FA","exchange-2fa-google2FA":"Google 2FA","exchange-2fa-googleAuth":"Google Authentication","exchange-2fa-googleAuthDesc":"Input the 6-digit code in your Google Authenticator app","exchange-2fa-googleAuthLabel":"Google Authentication Code","exchange-2fa-improveYourSecurity":"Two-factor authentication 2FA will greatly improve your account security. Every section has comments explaining exactly what it does, and you don't need to be able to read code to understand it. 1596 Takahashi T, Namiki F 2003. ","exchange-BUSDLandingFooter-a":"For large amounts of purchases and redemptions, connect with the Binance OTC desk or your account manager. The important aspects of their module design are consensus module, which consists of proof-of-stake PoS model, which permits TRON to be the undeniable guideline like any primary blockchain platform. MSI Cleanup• Use the -sa or -sk switches to skip this component• The current recommendation has changed starting in v10. Removing this extra layer of security makes it easier for someone to break into your account. Leave a Reply Comment Check the box to consent to your data being stored in line with the guidelines set out in our We love comments and welcome thoughtful and civilized discussion. bat file• Industrial TRON : an architecture for real-time operating systems for embedded systems; this is the most popular use of the TRON architecture• Applications passing the initial review will be contacted at a later date, as outlined during the submission process. ","exchange-2fa-modalTitle":"Voice verification","exchange-2fa-notEnablingRisks":"I understand the risks for not enabling 2FA. ","exchange-code-200001003":"User does not exist","exchange-code-51042":"操作过于频繁啥的,具体定义","exchange-coinSelect-recommend":"Recommended","exchange-coinSelect-suspend":"Suspended","exchange-coinsDetail-IsDigitalFormOfmney":" is a digital form of money running on a distributed network of computers. ","exchange-career-freedomToInnovate":"Freedom to Innovate","exchange-career-getDiscovered":"Get Discovered","exchange-career-growWithBinance":"Grow with Binance","exchange-career-hoChiMinh":"Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam","exchange-career-hugeImpactCompany":"Multicultural environment","exchange-career-integrity":"Integrity","exchange-career-integrityContent":"We are committed to being the most trustworthy platform and doing the right thing. For now, users will be able to migrate their TRX only through an exchange in order to avoid the risk of asset loss. They are trying to establish and brand themselves for providing major features like reducing costs, enjoying convenience, and building fortunes by using different DApp functions, which are deployed in TRON. ","exchange-2fa-tip2":"Please try voice verification","exchange-APIMana-APIConfigEdited":"Edit API success","exchange-APIMana-APIKey":"API Key","exchange-APIMana-APIRestrictions":"API restrictions","exchange-APIMana-APIkeyCreated":"API key created","exchange-APIMana-APIlist":"API List","exchange-APIMana-IPAccessRestrictions":"IP access restrictions:","exchange-APIMana-TrustedIpRequired":"This option allows you to withdraw via API. If the placed order is cancelled in full, the principal will automatically be repaid. ","exchange-deviceHistory-ipAddress":"IP Address","exchange-deviceHistory-location":"Location","exchange-deviceHistory-viewMore":"View More","exchange-deviceMana-invalidAuthLink":"Invalid authorization link, please login again and authorize new device by mail. com","exchange-changeEmailAddress-completeIdVerification":"Complete ID verification","exchange-changeEmailAddress-confirmNewEmailAddress":"Confirm New Email Address","exchange-changeEmailAddress-disabledYourAccount":"The system will decide whether to disable your withdrawals for 48 hours or not based on your request after your email address is changed. Update debloat lists: Connect to Github and download the latest version of the Stage 2 debloat lists at initial launch. NEWS: Linux does not suit the needs of everybody. It is a sophisticated product and you are highly advised to invest cautiously. Best way to de-bloat your PC would be to wipe Windows and install a Linux distro. ","exchange-addApiTip-followInstructionsStarted":"and follow the instructions to get started! ","exchange-2fa-sendSMSSuccess":"Message sent successfully","exchange-2fa-skipForNow":"Skip for now","exchange-2fa-tip1":"Did not receive SMS message? ","exchange-ecosystemData-labs":"Labs","exchange-ecosystemData-launchpad":"Launchpad","exchange-ecosystemData-nonProfitFoundation":"Binance Charity is a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to advancing blockchain-enabled philanthropy and global sustainable development. ","exchange-MarginBalanceDetail-ratedesc":"An 1-hour interest will accrue as soon as tokens are borrowed and it will continue to accrue every hour","exchange-MarginHistory-Borrow":"Borrowing","exchange-MarginHistory-FeeReturn":"Fees Return History","exchange-MarginHistory-Interest":"Interest","exchange-MarginHistory-MarginCall":"Margin Calls","exchange-MarginHistory-OpenOrders":"Open Orders","exchange-MarginHistory-Orders":"Orders","exchange-MarginHistory-Repayment":"Repayment","exchange-MarginHistory-Trade":"Trades","exchange-MarginHistory-Transfer":"Transfers","exchange-Nav-buySell":"Buy Crypto History","exchange-OpenOrders-Exchange":"Exchange","exchange-OpenOrders-Margin":"Margin","exchange-OpenOrders-OpenOrders":"Open Orders","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-Action":"Action","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-BatchCancel":"Cancel all orders","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-Cancel":"Cancel","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-CancelAll":"Are you sure you want to cancel all? TOPPERS project [ ]• ","exchange-APIMana-enableWithdrawals":"Enable Withdrawals","exchange-APIMana-enableWithdrawalsFailDesc":"The confirmation link has expired. BUSD allows unbanked and under-banked individuals in any country to hold a US dollar—backed asset with nothing more than a mobile phone. Malwarebytes• Join the discussion in your language or region! Tron executes TDSSKiller as follows: tdsskiller. Ophelia later known as• The result was the threat of a Super-301 complete stop of import based on section 301 of the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act of 1988 against everything related to TRON, including products from the companies selling computers running TRON OS variants. While regular programs conform to the rigid structure defined by their users, ISOs had evolved, complete with a genetic code of sorts that even Kevin Flynn could scarcely comprehend. See the code , to see exactly which KB's are removed. ","exchange-code-051042":"Please wait for a while and try again later","exchange-code-051045":"Transfer In function is currently not supported. ","exchange-BIC-code":"BIC Code","exchange-BLVT":"BLVT","exchange-BUSDLandingFAQ-problem1":"1. ","exchange-depositHistory-fee":"Fee","exchange-depositHistory-from":"from","exchange-depositHistory-indicated":"Indicated amount","exchange-depositHistory-txid":"Txid","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-address":"Address","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-coin":"Coin","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-date":"Date","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-information":"Information","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-noData":"No data. So for the moment click the 'go to dashboard' link. Please follow the instructions in the email to enable API withdrawals. ","exchange-CreateMarginAccount-marginTutorial":"Click to see Margin Trading Guide","exchange-CreateMarginAccount-marginVerification":"Please note that this service is currently unavailable to the following jurisdictions: Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Crimea, USA and its territories. [1] The Industrial TRON ITRON derivative was one of the world's most used operating systems in 2003,[2] being present in billions of electronic devices such as cellphones, appliances and even cars.。 TRON Keyboards The TRON system also deviced a new input system for Japanese with its own didicated key physical layout. ","exchange-ContentsHowToGetBUSD-bButton":"Convert Now","exchange-ContentsHowToGetBUSD-bP":"1:1 conversion of USDT, USDC, TUSD and PAX to BUSD. log -silent -tdlfs -dcexact -accepteula -accepteulaksn• So, Tron is stacked with huge Blockchain project and 3 of them already worth in million USD. bat and Tron will resume from the last stage successfully started. ","exchange-creditcard-msgOrigin":"The service is currently unavailable in your region. former chief representative of Ripple China. This would give its 10 million users the ability to exchange the token back and forth. 3- No multimedia files -No GUI means no multimedia support, so you cannot run video or sound file. Tron is available on major exchanges such as Binance, OKEx, Huobi, Kucoin, Bittrex etc. They are different OSs with different advantages and disadvantages. The transaction speed of Tron in tests was 2000 Transactions per second TPS compared to Ethereum 25 TPS. ","exchange-ExchangeBalanceBox-AccountBalance":"Account balance","exchange-ExchangeBalanceBox-Commission":"Commission","exchange-ExchangeBalanceBox-EstimatedValue":"Estimated Value","exchange-ExportModal-Custom":"Custom max range 3 months ","exchange-ExportModal-Last24Hours":"Last 24 hours","exchange-ExportModal-Last2Weeks":"Last 2 weeks","exchange-ExportModal-MonthToDate":"Month to date","exchange-ExportModal-Past3Months":"Past 3 months","exchange-ExportModal-PastMonth":"Past month","exchange-ExportModal-Yesterday":"Yesterday","exchange-ExportModal-outof6":"Before 3 months","exchange-ExportModal-within6":"Within 3 months","exchange-Filter-Asset":"Asset","exchange-Filter-Buy":"Buy","exchange-Filter-Coin":"Coin","exchange-Filter-Pair":"Pair","exchange-Filter-Reset":"Reset","exchange-Filter-Search":"Search","exchange-Filter-SearchCoin":"Search coin","exchange-Filter-Sell":"Sell","exchange-Filter-Side":"Side","exchange-Filter-Symbol":"Symbol","exchange-Filter-Time":"Date","exchange-Filter-commission":"commission","exchange-Filter-fundingFee":"Funding Fee","exchange-Filter-realizedPnl":"Realized Pnl","exchange-Filter-transfer":"transfer","exchange-Form-addToWhitelist":"Add to Whitelist","exchange-Form-fieldIsRequired":"This field is required. ","exchange-creditcard-onBinance":"on Binance","exchange-creditcard-onKoinalAnd":"on Koinal and","exchange-creditcard-onSimplexAnd":"on Simplex and","exchange-creditcard-oncePayment":"Once payment is completed, you can check your","exchange-creditcard-orderAmount":"Order amount","exchange-creditcard-paymentStatus":"payment status","exchange-creditcard-pleaseNote":"Please Note:","exchange-creditcard-positiveValue":"Amount must be a positive value. TRON is a blockchain-based operating system that has more than 100 million users. Use the -sdb switch skip all de-bloat or -m switch skip only Metro de-bloat to skip this action. It is not currently possible to convert delisted coins. Prevent Tron from auto-updating the S2 debloat lists -se Skip Event Log backup and clear don't clear Windows Event Logs -sk Skip Kaspersky Virus Rescue Tool KVRT scan -sm Skip Malwarebytes Anti-Malware MBAM installation -sor Skip OneDrive removal regardless whether it's in use or not -spr Skip page file reset don't set to "Let Windows manage the page file" -ss Skip Sophos Anti-Virus SAV scan -str Skip Telemetry Removal just turn telemetry off instead of removing it -swu Skip Windows Updates entirely ignore both WSUS Offline and online methods -swo Skip user-supplied WSUS Offline updates if they exist; online updates still attempted -udl Upload debug logs. Their existence was considered a miracle by ; however, considered them be an obstruction in his mission to create the perfect system. exe from• Note: your order will only fill if the price of Tron reaches the price you set. ","exchange-binanceCoin-ClickViewBnb":"Click below to view the record of the burn on the blockchain. ","exchange-coinsDetail-whatIs":"What is","exchange-coinsDetail-whatToDoAfterBuy":"What to Do After I Buy ","exchange-coinsDetail-youCanDirectlyBuy":"You can directly purchase with credit card on Binance. ","exchange-binanceCoin-Service":"Service","exchange-binanceCoin-StoreBnb":"Store BNB","exchange-binanceCoin-StoreBnbSafePlace":"Store your BNB in a secure place. Stage 3: Disinfect Runs multiple anti-malware utilities to seek and destroy most malware. 10- Working of the -machine learn- program -Because we want a new interactive operating system we are working on the machine learn program. ","exchange-binanceCoin-BnbUse":"Some of the many use cases for BNB","exchange-binanceCoin-BurningRecord":"BNB Burning","exchange-binanceCoin-BuyBnb":"Buy BNB","exchange-binanceCoin-BuyBnbWays":"Buying BNB is easy. 3- The availability of most commands -TRON OS gives you a list of commands that enables you to control your computer easily. You can buy Bitcoin and more with a credit card or debit card any time, any place","exchang-app-download-part2Advantages2-tiitle":"Buy Crypto Easily","exchang-app-download-part2Advantages3":"Binance adheres to multi-ecological development and leads the development of the industry. Safe Mode Boot Selector. ","exchange-depositConfirm-IUnderstandRisks":"I understand the risks listed above. ","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-CancelStopLoss":"Are you sure to cancel all Stop-Limit orders? Java TRON : a sub-project of ITRON to allow it to use the• ","exchange-backupKey-resettingGoogleAuthentication":"Resetting your Google Authentication requires opening a support ticket and takes at least 7 days to process. Use the -sa or -sm switches to skip this component. Stage 2: De-bloat Uninstalls a myriad of well-known and rarely-liked bloatware in order to free up space on your system and often give you a bit of a performance boost. OTC Email:","exchange-BUSDLandingFooter-b":"For BUSD business, connect with Binance BUSD team:","exchange-BUSDLandingFooter-c1":"5. ","exchange-DistributionTable-Note":"Note","exchange-DistributionTable-Time":"Date","exchange-DistributionTable-Type":"Type","exchange-Download-apple":"Non-Mainland China Apple ID","exchange-EmptyTable-NoRecordsFound":"No records found. If you are still struggling to enable API Withdrawals, please contact support. Regular mode is generally recommended unless the system is severly infected. ","exchange-2fa-reSend":"Resend","exchange-2fa-send":"Send SMS","exchange-2fa-sendSMSFail":"Send SMS failed, please try again. Everybody has heard read more than ample such comments about Linux and those with a modicum of sense understand the advantages and the reasons it may or may not work in their situation. The Tron is responsible for bring decentralized infrastructure for change in internet or web. ","exchange-code-128017":"Please complete the transfer transaction in your cross margin account first. cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 4351• Supporting files may be placed in the folder but Tron itself will ignore anything that isn't a. It empowers the user to manage, secure and distribute the content as and when required, thus enhancing the privacy. 7- Unbreakable user name and password -TRON OS has a very secure data base for user name and password if any one tried to hack your data by installing another operating system I'd like to tell you won't work. ","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-Date":"Date","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-Filter":"Filter","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-LimitOrder":"Limit Order","exchange-OpenOrdersTable-NoData":"No data. The shifting from Ethereum blockchain to Tron blockchain was completed by burning 1 billion ERC-20 tokens TRX. A More In-Depth Stage Review TRON is particularly ambitious. Binance does not assume any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the use of the credit card payment service. Each business's own transfer API rights are not affected by this authorization. txt contains SHA-256 hashes of every file included in Tron, and is signed with 0x07d1490f82a211a2, included. Move File• : Open-source compression and extraction tool. Use the -sor switch to skip OneDrive removal entirely. The collection has a size of 564 Megabytes currently; the size comes mostly from the tools that it ships with. Jan Krikke, , LinuxInsider October 15, 2003• It works through multiple stages, each containing some known tools to help repair your Windows system that may be running poorly from bloat, infections, etc. It is your responsibility what your scripts do. 2 GHz• ","exchange-career-careersAtBinance":"Careers at Binance","exchange-career-chooseYourLocation":"Choose Your Location","exchange-career-chooseYourTeam":"Choose Your Team","exchange-career-clearCommunication":"Clear Communication","exchange-career-clearCommunicationContent":"Collaboration requires clear communication; We encourage direct feedback and an open mind to self improvement. Use the -p switch to prevent resetting power settings to Windows default. Graduate of the University of Pennsylvania• Also, developers have wide range of rights which includes deploying DApp in TRON net, thus expanding businesses and gaining traction to become influencers and thought-leaders. Heck, it usually takes me longer to harden Firefox than to install a new Ubuntu or Fedora these days. ","exchange-creditcard-Simplex-reason1":"Fast: Average 10-30 mins for cryptocurrency to reach your wallet","exchange-creditcard-Simplex-whyCreditCard":"Why Cards? Therefore TRON is not technically leveraging any blockchain technology in its current platform. ","exchange-creditcard-Koinal-whyCreditCard":"Why Buy Crypto With Debit or Credit Cards? Successfully placed orders will accrue interest immediately. from 2003—06; Pentium M, 900 MHz• This inner structure of their code would potentially have allowed ISOs to develop beyond the capabilities of regular programs. txt• Adobe Flash Player: Used by YouTube and various other sites. If you are still unable to enable API withdrawals, please contact customer support. The longer your tokens are locked away, the more TP TRON will reward you. ","exchange-creditcard-reason1":"Fast: Average 10-30 mins for cryptocurrency to reach your wallet","exchange-creditcard-reason2":"Low Fees: Simplex charges only 2. Services relating to credit card payments are provided by Koinal which is a separate platform owned by a third party. ","exchang-app-download-part2Advantages-tiitle":"A Unified Crypto Trading Platform","exchang-app-download-part2Advantages2":"Buy cryptocurrency with pounds, dollars, euros, and more! ","exchange-coupon-all":"All","exchange-coupon-areYouSure":"Redeem a Bonus Voucher? The team is trying to accomplish this over the next 8-10 years. Stage 1: Tempclean Cleans out a buttload of cache files to free up space on your system. It has shown similar bullish and bearish runs like bitcoin in many intervals. A BTRON-specifications OS which runs on PC hardware. Select the country your identification was issued in and the type of identification you have. ","exchange-addApiTip-goEmailVerify":"Go to email and verify","exchange-addApiTip-withdrawal":"Enable API Withdrawals","exchange-addApiTip-withdrawalDesc":"We have sent a confirmation email to you. Using a VPN while signing up to and using Binance international Unfortunately Binance has barred US citizens from using their international exchange. Everyone in crypto market is looking forward for year 2021 and hoping that next year there will be bullish run shown by many cryptocurrencies including TRON. A-level members who are involved in design and development of specifications for T-Engine and T-Kernel, or of Ubiquitous ID technology include companies such as eSOL, and. It should be noted that the TRON 20 Token is not the same as Tronix, which is the medium of exchange on the platform. Tron uses Delegated Proof of Stake DPoS consensus mechanism it supports DApp developer and other blockchain project with Smart contract and other advanced languages with the help of Tron Protocol. We offer the best route to buy using debit card or credit card Visa or MasterCard. Data liberation: free and uncontrolled data• Please be aware that in the event of extreme market volatility, there is even a risk that your assets may be liquidated. ","exchange-APIMana-createAPITip":"Creating an API private key provides access to markets and real-time trading services on Binance via a third-party site or application. Odyssey Odyssey, the next stage, attempts to incentivize early adoption and creation of a proprietary community of content creators and consumers with something akin to a proof of stake model. 2017 Forbes Asia 30 under 30• ","exchange-blog-aboutBinanceEcosystem":"News and updates on what's happening across the Binance ecosystem. is a prefix in the English language derived from Greek meaning "equal". Ranking continue to fall down and it replace by many new projects like Chainlink, Stellar and Tezos. [3] from• These dumps are useful in helping the project bolster the blacklist of known-bad GUIDs• ","exchange-APIMana-enableWithdrawTip":"You must apply the IP Access Restriction filter in order to enable withdrawals. Please try again later","exchange-changeEmailAddress-submittedSuccessfully":"Submitted successfully","exchange-changeEmailAddress-submittedSuccessfullyDesc":"Your application has been submitted. The first cryptocurrency that came into existence, was conceptualized in a whitepaper published in 2008 by someone who uses the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. Keep in mind the username and password for the email account will be stored in PLAIN TEXT so don't leave it lying around on a system you don't trust. ","exchange-APIMana-unrestrictedIP":"Unrestricted Less Secure ","exchange-APIMana-unrestrictedImportant":"This API key allows access from any IP address. More than a decade after its creation on January 3, 2009, is currently the most widely known and used cryptocurrency. Tron "Fights for the User" DO NOT DOWNLOAD TRON FROM GITHUB, IT WILL NOT WORK! Futures trading is restricted for users from certain regions. : Script I wrote to clean some areas that other tools seem to miss• Justin Sun appointed Jackson Sun as CEO and leading of Tron ecosystem, recently he announced addition of new ex-employee of Alibaba company. Please log in again using the new e-mail address. ","exchange-changeEmailAddress-NotACorrectEmail":"Not a correct email","exchange-changeEmailAddress-Start2FA-CancelText":"Not to replace","exchange-changeEmailAddress-Start2FA-Description":"You haven't opened 2FA yet. ","exchange-2fa-continueWithout2FA":"Are you sure you want to continue without enabling 2FA? Tron is the vision of Justin Sun, who is the founder and CEO of Tron foundation. Takes all but 10 minutes these days on a decent rig. ","exchange-changeEmailAddress-Binance-online-support":"Please leave us a note using the contact bubble lower right corner of our website if you no longer have access to your email. ","exchange-addToWhitelisted-successfullyAddedTo":"Successfully Added to Whitelist","exchange-addToWhitelisted-systemError":"system error! ","exchange-APIMana-apiFutureTip":"API Key created before your futures account opened does not support futures API service. Use the -v switch to get more verbose output. How Does TRON Work? 001 BTC to BNB once every 24 hours. Known ISOs [ ]• Stage 6: Optimize Resets your Windows page file and defragments your hard drive automatically disabled if you're running an SSD. Why did Binance participate in building BUSD? As the ISO population grew, they attempted to integrate with the Grid's population, but met resistance from Basics, and thereafter formed their own colonies. If any. On Windows 10 and up, only removes a certain specific Modern apps. ","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-paymentMethod":"Method","exchange-depositWithdrawalHistory-status":"Status","exchange-deviceHistory-confirmDelete":"Are you sure you want to delete the selected trusted device:","exchange-deviceHistory-date":"Date","exchange-deviceHistory-device":"Device","exchange-deviceHistory-haveNoDevice":"Have no device. TRON makes use of the 3-layer architecture like the Storage layer, Core layer and Application layer. Sun holds an extremely impressive resume at just 27:• To re-iterate: it is very important to reboot the computer before running Tron. Simply used to show how much space was reclaimed; does not affect any script functions• It performs many actions on its own, but for any task not performed directly, we call an external utility or script. It is not a quick fix, so expect to spend a little time using it, but your machine is worth it! Contents• Tron uses WMI for a lot of stuff including ISO date format conversion, OEM bloatware removal, and various other things, so having it functioning is critical• Store","exchange-binanceCoin-useTradeStoreIntroduction":"BNB is the native asset on Binance Chain. You can confirm or revert this change from the Address Management page. Tron is a collection of tools, utilities and scripts for Windows devices to repair, clean, disinfect, patch, de-bloat and optimize the system. ","exchange-BorrowPanel-totalDebtAB":"Total Debt","exchange-BorrowTable-BorrowedAmount":"Borrowed Amount","exchange-BorrowTable-BorrowedCoin":"Borrowed Coin","exchange-BorrowTable-BorrowedDate":"Borrowed Date","exchange-BorrowTable-CollateralAmount":"Collateral Amount","exchange-BorrowTable-CollateralCoin":"Collateral Coin","exchange-BorrowTable-LTV":"LTV","exchange-BorrowTable-PENDING":"PENDING","exchange-BusdLandingPage-comingSoon":"Coming soon. Enter your country of residence and phone number. Safe mode: Set system to reboot into Safe Mode with Networking if a reboot occurs. Removes this and resets to normal bootup at the end of the script. ","accounts-network-error-title":"Network Error","accounts-notGerman":"No, I am not a German resident no further action required ","accounts-reset-question-title":"Security Quiz","cancleSuccess":"Cancel Succeed! FIRST THINGS FIRST: REBOOT THE COMPUTER BEFORE RUNNING TRON. Do not use TRON OS as your main operating system but use it in these cases: 1- You have a small hard disk 6 GB. If you run with the -udl switch, it will automatically email me the run logs at the end of the script. There are several keyboards for the TRON input system. ","exchange-APIMana-enableWithdrawalsSucTitle":"API Withdrawals Activated","exchange-APIMana-enableWithdrawalsSuccessDesc":"API withdrawals are now enabled for your account. ","exchange-BUSDLandingFAQ-problem4Answer":"Follow our page instroction and paxos process, more detail, suggest to read Paxos. A operating system and also encoding alternative to 図1 1988年に公開されたBTRONパソコンの試作機 本誌1988年1月25日号から。


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